Salt Lake City Truck-Mount Carpet Cleaning

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Our state of the art truck mounted cleaning system.

Our state of the art truck mounted cleaning system.

Truck-mount carpet cleaning methods can be superior to portable or dry cleaning methods for many important reasons. Our truck mounted systems clean and dry carpets faster, are more convenient for the consumer, and reduce chances of spilling waste water in your home.

The suction of a truck-mounted system delivers removes more dirt and water than most portable machines. More cleaning product is also removed. Portables and other low moisture systems can leave your carpets saturated with harsh product that might make them feel stiff and crunchy for months! Our method leaves the PH level neutral with no soap reside. Your carpets will feel soft and clean under your feet and will dry in hours – not days.

Truck-mounted systems are more convenient for the consumer because they generally clean faster and require bringing less bulky equipment into your home. This also reduces the chances of clumsy technicians splashing buckets of dirty water onto your carpets or damaging your home.

However, high powered portables can be the best option in high rises or confined locations where truck mounts cant reach. Portables can achieve similar results by a highly educated IICRC trained technician.

Dont take any chances with anything less than a professional truck-mounted deep cleaning. You will see and feel the difference. Clean your home or business the right way and call Valley Pro Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning in Salt Lake City today!

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