Carpet Pet Odors

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Pet urine damage in carpet

Pet urine damage in carpet














In order to effectively reach all sources of pet urine and contamination sometimes its necessary to treat underneath the carpet backing and even the pad.  One way is to pull up the carpet and pad.  However, this task can be long, tedious and now – unnecessary.  Using the latest tools we can combat deep down urine damage by injecting odor neutralizing solutions with a special needle called the “Injectimate.”

We use the “Injectimate” wherever sub-surface injection of chemicals is needed.  It will replaces the old carpet syringe, as it can be used in urine decontamination to inject enzymes and odor counteractants through the carpet backing. Every squeeze of the unit automatically injects 5 milliliters of solution. This way less product is used even more effectively and can be focused right towards the problem area. 

For 100% guaranteed odor removal we will use the injector as the final step to our subsurface pet urine removal process. For guaranteed odor removal treatments call Valley Pro Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning today! injectimate

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