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We offer residential and commercial professional carpet cleaning services in Salt Lake City.  Eco friendly solutions are perfect for homes with kids and pets. Hire true industry professionals to get the job done right. 


Valley Pro is cleaner, safer, and responsible. We use soap-free green cleaning solutions:

– Safe for kids and pets
– Safer for people with chemical sensitivities
– Safer for your carpet, floors, and upholstery
– Environmentally responsible

Valley Pro Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning is “The cleanest in the Valley”

– Advanced steam cleaning
– Soap and detergent free/odor free
– Dries in less than 6 hours
– Certified uniformed technicians
– 100% satisfaction guaranteed

Valley Pro cleans greener

– Fuel efficient cleaning systems
– Paperless invoicing

You can relax – your cleaning technician is trained and certified

Valley Pro comes prepared to take care of your dirty work. Education and Industry Certification by the IICRC is important to us and should be to you. This means your technician has passed a course and written exam. Trust Valley Pro Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning to do your job right.

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Money Back GuaranteeOur professional steam cleaning service areas include Cottonwood Heights, Salt Lake City, Sandy, Park City, Draper, West Valley City, West Jordan, South Jordan , Riverton, Alpine, Highland, Eagle Mountain, Saratoga Springs, Lehi, Provo, Orem, Springville, Spanish Fork, Farmington, Bountiful, Clearfield, and many more. Be the next impressed customer!





Cottonwood Heights, UT

Cottonwood Heights, UT

Carpet Cleaning Salt Lake City

Salt Lake City Carpet Cleaning

“The Cleanest In The Valley”

If you are moving in or out, have pet odor, tough stains, traffic areas, or clean freak syndrome we are a match!  If you were let down by your last Salt Lake City Carpet Cleaning experience call us today.  You wont be disappointed!

Close to Perfection


  • Gold-rated truck-mount with extreme vacuum and germ-killing steam
  • 10 years experience and IICRC certifications
  • Reputation proving integrity and exceptional customer service
  • Uniformed technicians 
  • On-time arrival

Our residue-free process will remove dirt attracting soaps from previous cleanings, lift up carpet fibers, and eliminate traffic areas. No other method will penetrate deeper to remove more dirt, dust, hair, gum, tar, ink, red dye, oil, coffee, urine, vomit, allergens, wine, and more than powerful steam!  For carpet cleaning in Salt Lake City call Valley Pro today.


  • Quick Dry Times
  • Speed Drying


  • Stays Cleaner Longer
  • Deeper Agitation & Soil Removal
  • Less Chemical


  • Pet/Child Safe
  • Non Toxic
  • Destroys Microrganisms
  • Removes Soap Residue


“I know you work hard for your money. Well, at least I know I do.  Feel good knowing that your cleaning is backed by our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. Within 30 days if  you are unsatisfied for any reason we will speedily return and if your still not amazed we offer you a full refund.”



Valley Pro Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning


Salt Lake City (801)979-1414



truckmount carpet cleaning


Professional Furniture Cleaning ServiceDon’t throw away your money on new furniture.  Use our professional upholstery cleaning service in Salt Lake City.

We clean natural and synthetic furniture fabric, dining room chairs, mattresses, pillows, small rugs and car interiors. Our certified technicians are using state of the art fine fabric cleaning tools that will leave your upholstery clean and dry in less than 6 hours.



We will use a powerful Eco friendly steam cleaning system that will:

Dog-On-The-Couch-Salt Lake City Upholstery Cleaning

  •  Remove ugly stains and spots
  •  Remove harmful allergens
  •  Extend the life of your furniture
  •  Eliminate odors & leave furniture smelling fresh & new
  •  Protect furniture from re-soiling


If your pets have been making your furniture their bed you need the best truck mount steam cleaning. We can help!


  • Safe for kids and pets
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee
  • Dries in just 2-3 hours

Steam cleaning will remove more soil than any other method. Nothing else even comes close.  However, some fabrics may require low moisture methods.  Please call for a free consultation.

See us on the job in Salt Lake City cleaning some upholstery here.

salt Lake City Upholstery Cleaning


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salt lake city upholstery cleaning






Tile & Grout

Tile & grout cleaning servicesWhen it comes to cleaning your tile & grout, Valley Pro is on the cutting edge.

Have you ever attempted to clean tile or grout the old fashioned way – with a mop, grout brush, or a sponge?  It can be back-breaking, time consuming, tedious, and frustrating!  Furthermore, results are often mediocre. Valley Pro uses a proven technique that injects steaming hot water under 500-1500 PSI (pressure) from all directions to safely and naturally blast away dirt and stains from your tile & grout, leaving your floor looking amazing!


Benefits include:


  • Deepest cleaning available
  • No chemical residue
  • Cleans thoroughly from all directions
  • Surfaces clean and dry in minutes
  • Blasts away embedded dirt and oil from grout lines

Our advanced tile & grout cleaning system works well on a variety of surfaces.


  • Floors
  • Showers
  • Kitchen counters
  • Garage floors


You also have the option of sealing your freshly cleaned floors for increased stain resistance. Whether you have ceramic tile, concrete, or natural stone we have the tools to help them look better and last longer.  100% satisfaction guaranteed.


When you need a superior tile and grout cleaning service call the professionals at Valley Pro Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning!


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Salt Lake City Hardwood Floor refinishing serviceCleaning hardwood floors can be a challenging task—one that extends beyond the capabilities of your mop or broom. They simply move the dirt around, and fall short when it comes to extracting unseen, ground-in dirt.



Our hardwood floor cleaning process includes an initial vacuuming and mopping to remove any loose dirt and debris followed by our abrasion cleaning system with specially designed scrubbing pads. Our professional system will remove the surface soil and the embedded dirt which will return your floor to its initial sheen. It will also remove scuff marks and other small scratches and imperfections. Edges are hand scrubbed, as are stairs. It is the ideal process to prepare the floor for the application of the hardwood preservation finish coat.


Refinish your deep cleaned hardwood floors with an application of our hardwood floor refinishing coat. After removing deeply embedded dirt and debris with our cleaning process, we’ll coat your floors with our refinishing solution. This preservation refinish serves as the wear coat and protects the original finish of your floor. Our fast drying finish coat will leave your floors with a uniform, overall sheen. When cleaning just isn’t enough, refinish your floor with our maintenance coat process. The end result is a clean, refinished and rejuvenated wood floor in just one day, not several days.

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valley pro carpet cleaning


Commercial Carpet Cleaning

We are commercial carpet cleaning service experts.


We offer professional green cleaning services along the Wasatch Front. Certified technicians will keep your textiles looking and smelling fresh at an affordable price. Clients includes medical offices, businesses, office buildings, restaurants, high rises, property managers, franchises, and residences. If you have traffic areas, spots and stains, odors, or damaged carpet we can locate and treat the problem at the source.

Just a few benefits Valley Pro offers are:

– Flexible scheduling

– Uniformed technicians

– On time arrival

– 100% Satisfaction guaranteed

– 5 Star professional service

Let Valley Pro restore and maintain the professional image of your business with our custom treatment options ranging from full preventative maintenance to one time deep cleanings.


Preventative forms of treatment involve a couple of simple techniques to keep sediment from getting into the building and keeping it from showing up on flooring. Entry mats and finding a masking color for the business’s surfaces are the most popular ways a commercial carpet cleaning service accomplishes this.

Daily maintenance means thorough vacuuming of all floors and spot treatment of all spills or stains. Vacuuming daily can eliminate around 80 percent of particulate debris from taking root, and this can stop major issues from popping up.

Intermittent treatment requires deep extraction of soiling. This can be semi-annual, or monthly for high traffic zones. Deep removal requires some of the same techniques a residential business uses – like hot water extraction with some light detergent. Deodorizing substances and fabric protectors that prevent future stains may also be used.

We specialize in steam carpet cleaning and low moisture carpet cleaning. Our commercial low moisture carpet cleaning technology is often the best choice for most commercial carpet because of its quick one hour dry time, amazing results, and lower costs than traditional steam cleaning.

Rely on Valley Pro to have the knowledge and tools for your commercial carpet cleaning service needs.

Our technicians are certified by the IICRC and our cleaning solutions are recommended by the Carpet and Rug Institute. Contact us today for a free quote! Salt Lake City 801-979-1414

Commercial Carpet Cleaning in Salt Lake City

Commercial Carpet Cleaning in Salt Lake City

Farmers insurance Murray

Farmers insurance

Commercial High Rise carpet Cleaning

High rise carpet cleaning in Salt Lake City

High Rises

High rise carpet cleaning serviceWhether you have a single story home, or are on the 31st floor of a building, we can clean your carpet, upholstery, tile and grout, or hardwood floors for you.

High rise carpet cleaning requires special equipment and cleaning expertise. Valley Pro Carpet & Upholstery Cleanings advanced high powered steam cleaning or dry cleaning system is perfect for your enclosed buildings, condos, apartments, office buildings, cubicles, sky rises or skyscrapers regardless of what floor the job might be on.

Truck mounted machines are limited by the length of their hoses, and the further you are from their machine, they dramatically lose heat and suction (which means potentially wetter carpeting for longer periods of time and less soil removal). Also, it is never recommended to run unsecured hoses out of windows or patio doors, especially if you are on the 3rd floor or higher. If unsecured, the hoses can move around and potentially cause damage to the window sill, the outside of the building, or even break windows below.

Our high powered machines stay outside your unit and out of the way.  All dirt is pumped safely into the toilet and out of your home. Our soap free solutions help your carpets stay cleaner, longer and promote a healthier working and living environment. We use patented state-of-the-art equipment, non-toxic environmentally safe solutions, and well-trained certified technicians.

Cutting corners with improper cleaning procedures can void carpet warranties. Why take a chance with rented equipment or cheap carpet cleaners that can leave the carpet wet and soggy – promoting mold and fungal build up – or that leaves detergent behind?

We have been specializing in Salt Lake City high rise carpet cleaning for over 7 years.  Let our professional expertise and tools bring your home back to life.


Call now for a free estimate!

Salt Lake City High Rise Carpet Cleaning

Benchtower Condominiums Sky Room in Salt Lake City

Commercial High Rise carpet Cleaning

Steam cleaning hallways in a high rise.

Pet Odor Removal

Pet urine removal treatments

What are you hiding in the carpet?

When it comes to do it yourself jobs, eliminating pet odors can be one of the most frustrating problems. Our urine odor removal system is so effective we are one of the few in the industry who dare back it up with a 100% guarantee.

Pet urine is filled with bacteria and is composed of creatinine, electrolytes, urea, proteins, sodium and uric acid. Once in your carpet, the bacteria combines with the uric acid and literally bonds to your carpet! That’s why if you’ve cleaned it up thinking that you finally removed the smell, it still comes back a few days later. Not Anymore!

Let the professionals get them out for you! Our pet odor removal service uses a sub-surface extraction process that:


– Uses powerful enzymes to break up the urine’s chemical bond

– Completely removes the stains

– Deep cleans not just the carpet but the pad underneath

– Completely removes the odor

Enzyme bacteria treatmentsFuture recurring pet stains reactivate powerful enzymes to keep your carpets smelling fresh for months after your cleaning! Our Pet odor removal treatments are 100% guaranteed. 




Call us today for a FREE pet urine odor analysis with our special urine detection devices and FREE quote. Cottonwood Heights, Salt Lake City call 801-979-1414.


Eliminate pet odors and stains at the source.

Click here for more information on how to eliminate pet odors and stains at the source!

This was a steam cleaning job with severe pet odor.  These stains were everywhere.

Locating the source of pet stains with a special UV light.